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  • Why are the sizes so small?
    Since these treats are not filled with preservatives and chemicals, their shelf lives are much shorter than store bought treats. Selling them in smaller quantities assures that the treats won't go to waste.
  • What if my dog has a wheat alleregy?
    If your dog has any allergy, send me a message when placing your order to let me know. I have several wheat alternatives that I can use.
  • How do I store my treats so they last longer?
    Proper storage is super important for a longer shelf life. All the treats are kept in sealed packaging for longer lasting freshness. Treats made with ingredients like chicken, salmon or cheese will do best if refridgerated while being used.
  • Are there healthier preservatives?
    Yes. Vitamin C and Vitamin E oil are natural preservaties that can be used to extend the shelf life of your treats. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that has many benefits in your dogs immune system, liver health, skin and coat health and more. Vitamin C is a greaet antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and suport healthy aging in your pet.


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