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About Us

In 2018, Prima embarked on a memorable birthday excursion to Acadia National Park in Maine, accompanied by her loyal canine companion, Abby. Renowned for their exceptional dog-friendliness, Bar Harbor, Maine, and Acadia National Park provided an idyllic setting for an unforgettable week of hiking breathtaking trails, savoring delectable cuisine, forging meaningful connections, and experiencing an unparalleled affinity for four-legged companions. It was during this transformative journey that the inception of Abby's Place materialized. Recognizing the profound devotion Long Island residents possess for their beloved pets, I felt compelled to establish a community akin to the one I encountered in Bar Harbor.

Fast forward a few years, a fortuitous encounter with Kelsey transpired, illuminating our shared devotion to working with animals and our mutual aspiration to create an enterprise catering to our fellow pet enthusiasts on Long Island. The realization of Abby's Place swiftly transitioned from a reverie to a tangible endeavor, and we are brimming with excitement for the future that awaits us.

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